How to Finally Start Eating Keto

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Start to Eat Keto

3 simple ways to start a Keto lifestyle without the overwhelm

Have you been seeing keto everywhere but don’t know where to begin? Maybe you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed by all the rules.

Or maybe you know how much fat and protein you need to eat but you still aren’t quite sure where to begin.

Keto can be daunting in that aspect.

But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, if you have a custom diet plan or you know exactly what to eat and how much, it becomes part of your routine.

And how do you know all of that? Well…it all starts with knowing the numbers.

1. Know the numbers for keto

If you’re here because you really don’t know the first step to keto then know that numbers are key. Seriously.

Keto by definition requires eating specific amounts of fat, protein, and carbs. And those specific amounts are:

  • 60% of the calories you eat should be fat
  • 30- 35% should be protein
  • And 5-10 % should be carbs.

So if you’re eating 2000 calories, about 1200 cals should be fat, 600-700 cals protein, and 100-200 cals carbs.

2. Use a keto calculator

So those numbers outlined above are really just an estimate. Meaning that your fat or carb or calorie intake can really depend on many factors.

Like how active you are, your gender, your fitness goals…you get the picture.

Using a keto calculator will give you the exact numbers and amounts you need for your specific lifestyle and goals.

Let’s be honest: the numbers & weighing your food lifestyle isn’t for everyone. And between work and, well, life it can be difficult to keep that up.

But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be eating keto or that you can’t eat keto.

Nope it just means you want someone to hand you exactly what you need.

That’s where custom meal plans like ours come in. Our free diet plan is like a keto calculator and meal plan in one.

It literally takes the guesswork out of keto. Need to lose weight? Not very active but still want to get results on keto? Want abs?

We have recipes and a diet plan for that.

Meal plans are one of the best ways to get started on keto. Why? Well, simply because you take the overwhelm and confusion and stress out of keto.

No more worrying about whether you got the calories and macros right. Or if you should or shouldn’t be eating something because it’ll put you out of ketosis.

You get an exact plan and all you have to do is go grocery shopping and cook the food.

And voila! You’ll get fit and lose the weight you’ve been trying to lose without any gimmicks or stress.

Ready to finally start eating keto in a simple, non-stressful way?

Take our quiz to get the meal plan!

Kimberly Carson

Kimberly Carson

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