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The Diabetic Dairy Discussion

The Diabetic Dairy Discussion: Low-Fat vs. Full-Fat

A high-fat diet has been thought to contribute to weight gain and the development of heart disease and diabetes. However, new research suggests high-fat dairy products may actually reduce the risk of diabetes. When it comes to the management of diabetes, the control of blood sugar is top priority. Uncontrolled blood sugars can ultimately result […]

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reduce blood sugar

How Olive Oil Can Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

When it comes to controlling blood sugars, people turn to carbohydrate intake for fluctuating levels. So how may extra virgin olive oil, a fat source, reduce after-meal blood sugars? Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects nearly 10 percent of Americans, with that number expected to grow in the future. The condition cannot only be […]

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8 Scary Ingredients and Food Additives to Avoid

When weaving in and out of the grocery store aisles, we may be selecting more than bargained for… Whether it be food coloring added to cereal or MSG in soups, are we truly recognizing what ends up in our carts, pantries, and bodies? Stay weary of these eight scary food additives! 8 Scary Food Additives […]

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The Most Important Nutrients For ALL Day Energy

Feeling dragged down? You may want to reevaluate your diet… Incorporate these nutrients and vitamins that will give you energy all day long! What Nutrients Provide Energy? In the context of nutrition, energy is supplied in the form of calories. Calories are sourced from the three macronutrients – carbohydrate, protein, and fat: Carbohydrates Casually known […]

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The Most Effective Weight Loss Diet

Weight loss is complicated. Whether you’ve started the process of healthy planning, shopping, cooking and the willpower to stick with it, or if you haven’t started the process – is losing weight really that hard and how can you make it more likely that you’ll stick with it? Those who have begun the often daunting […]

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10 ‘Unhealthy’ Foods Dietitians Eat

When it comes to dietitians’ diet choices, being recognized as a nutrition professional, their decisions are looked at under a microscope and held to a fairly high pedestal. But foods dietitians eat are not from a magical, nutritional store, but are more than likely on the shelves of traditional markets. Rather than categorizing healthy and […]

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Green Smoothie and Ingredients

Everything You Should Know About Detox Diets

Fat flush. Detox. Water fast. Juicing. Herbal supplements. When we hear detox, it might be unclear at first what you are actually detoxing ‘from’. It’s important to stop and take a moment to ask yourself—what exactly are you attempting to rid your system of? We have to answer this question first, before we can determine […]

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Lunch of healthy food for three colleagues

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work

You do not want to miss these healthy lunches for work! Not only are they simple to make, but sure to satisfy the stomach and enhance energy for the latter half of the workday. We have all been there… It is an hour before lunchtime and the stomach starts to already growl. And by the […]

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